Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar Series - Course 2

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Whitfield Reaves has frequently commented that there is no single injury more rewarding to treat than shoulder pain that is a result of supraspinatus tendonitis. With both trigger and motor points located in the region of Small Intestine 12, the practitioner is able to treat this rotator cuff muscle with an easy-to-master acupuncture sports medicine needle technique.

However, the precarious location of the supraspinatus tendon beneath the acromion, between the points LI 16 and LI 15, may take a bit more practice to needle with precision. What makes the supraspinatus muscle problematic for the acupuncturist is that the pain often refers to the deltoid region of the shoulder, and, occasionally, distally down the arm and forearm. This deltoid region pain leads many practitioners to a diagnosis of Large Intestine (Yang ming) and San Jiao (Shao yang) disorders; this often results in treatments that rarely suffice.

This one-hour webinar by Whitfield Reaves covers these issues of assessment and treatment, and clearly give the practitioner a guide to treat this common cause of shoulder pain.


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