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Whitfield Reaves, the author of The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain, is a frequent and popular lecturer in the US and Canada. He is one of the most influential practitioners integrating traditional acupuncture with orthopedic and sports medicine.

With the Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar series, practitioners can choose from 18 one-hour webinars that cover the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of common sports injury and pain syndromes of the neck and shoulder, the hip and pelvis, and the upper and lower extremity. Topics will cover injuries to tendons, including strain, tears, and the local qi and blood stagnation, now termed ‘tendinosis.’

There will be examples of muscle strain as well as ligament injuries, such as sprain and joint laxity. Treatment of the joint or joint space will be demonstrated with several common injuries. Thus, in its entirety, the practitioner will become better informed about these specific injuries, as well as learn how to formulate a treatment plan for similar types of conditions. Specific topics will include many conditions commonly seen in the acupuncture clinic, such as shoulder pain due to the supraspinatous and infraspinatous muscles, hip pain due to gluteus medius and minimus involvement, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and frozen shoulder.

Each webinar will cover the diagnosis of the injury, integrating both western orthopedic assessment and TCM perspectives of both zang-fu (organ) and jing-luo (meridian). Local and adjacent points at the site of the injury will be discussed in detail. Distal points that are clinically indicated will also be covered. Other techniques, including empirical points, opposite side, and micro-systems, will also be part of the instruction. These protocols all use Whitfield’s unique Four-Step Approach to treatment of injury and pain.

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