Five Point Nerve Regeneration Peripheral Neuropathy Protocol


Course Overview

After 40 years of treating peripheral neuropathy (PN), I developed and refined a 5 point (10 needle) protocol for treating PN in the feet and lower legs and a 3 point (6 needle) protocol for treating PN in the hands and lower arms. This point combination can be very easily learned but you also need to learn specific needling protocols to make the treatments more effective and as an objective measure of the treatments effectiveness. All acupuncturists should be able to help at least 80% of PN patients. In addition to learning what points to use, and how to stimulate those points, you will also learn that the key to acheiving a high success rate is knowing how to space the treatments throughout the three stages of the treatment process. You will also learn details of the impressive research showing that acupuncture can not only can ease the pain and numbness of PN but spark nerve regeneration - something no other treatment can do. You will learn: (1) Details of the three main types of PN – diabetic, chemotherapy and idiopathic. (2) Explaining the treatment process using research. (3) Selecting the correct needle gauge. (4) Stimulating each point for its therapeutic and diagnostic abilities. (5) Spacing treatments throughout the entire treatment process. (6) Ending the treatment process so that the patient’s progress is as stable as possible. (7) How to explain to patients when they need to return for tune-up treatments or a second series of treatments.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the three different types of periphernal neuropathy some commonly seen in practice

  • Learn the 5 point treatment protocol for lower extremities and 3 point treatment protocol for upper extermities

  • Learn the needling protocols for how to stimulate the points

  • Learn how to space the treatments for optimal outcomes

  • Understand the research on acupuncture for PN

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