Max Your Results with Multi-Modality Treatments

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By Cameron Bishop

This class contains great clinical nuggets and pearls that will increase your patient retention, clinical results and communication skills. It will open new doors to great additions to your clinic.


Course Overview

This class will give you an extra edge in obtaining maximum results, and mastering your treatment strategy. It will cover how to utilize postural therapies, environmental tips, mind sciences, feedback and evaluation systems, patient compliance pointers, and a special section on how to deal with patient plateaus. This course provides many insightful methods you can teach your patients to enhance and maintain their clinical results.


Course Objectives

  • Learn how various modalities can enhance your acupuncture results.

  • Be able to implement in practical ways non- TCM treatments within your acupuncture practice.

  • Understand pain management measurements and protocals.

Provider: CPD Cert

Access: Lifetime

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