Soft Laser in Clinical Acupuncture - Course 1

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By Raman Kapur

Learn the basics of Laser Acupuncture.

Course Overview

Laser Acupuncture is the use of Low-Intensity Laser irradiation to stimulate acupuncture points. It is a safe, pain-free alternative to traditional acupuncture. The number one reason people avoid seeing an acupuncturist is because they are afraid of pain. Decide which type of laser to use and how to use it are the primary questions with which many practitioners struggle. To help you come up to speed and make the right decisions, here's a primer on laser acupuncture. Studies show that low-level lasers can help regenerate cells, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and stimulate hair circulation, and stimulate hair growth, to name a few examples. Recent studies on laser acupuncture have included advanced brain imaging, as several other modern protocols for measuring various physiological effects on the body. These studies show that laser acupuncture has physiological effects, not only locally, but also in the brain, similar to needle acupuncture. You have done the hard part by diagnosing and deciding which points to use. With laser treatment, you simply light up the point for a number of seconds, depending upon the power and output of your laser and then move on to the next point. The Right Equipment: It is important to understand the equipment you are using so you get the best results. What really matters is the output. It is the light that the laser produces that decides the outcome.

Course Objectives

  • To be able to use soft lasers in the practice of Acupuncture and particularly useful for needle apprehensive patients.

  • To be able to learn different types of lasers, their wavelength and their output.

  • To be able to understand the characteristics of laser light.

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