Introduction to Chinese Medical Pediatrics

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By David Allen

An introduction to the concepts of pediatrics according to Chinese medicine. A unique look at the pediatrics specialty.

Course Overview

This is an introductory course looking at the concepts that govern the treatment of children according to Chinese medicine. It looks specifically at factors that affect a child's health prior to birth, psychological development in the first 7 years, human development according to cycles of 7 and 8 years, and the different ideas about children's physiology that makes them different from adults. The ability to understand the essential nature of children is key to obtaining good results in their treatment. If we only apply the standard adult-specific diagnostic tools, we miss so much of what is possible in helping children to heal and grow to their maximum potential. This video is a chance to learn what it is that makes children unique, and sets the stage for further study in this critical field.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to maximize the health of a child prior to birth.

  • Understand how physical and mental development occurs in children.

  • Understand the theories that underpin the unique physiology of children.

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