Treating Children, Level 1: Foundations - Course 2

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Course Overview

This module is part of series that provides you with the essential tools to expand your acupuncture practice to include treating babies and children. Having focused on the Spleen in module 1, this module covers three commonly seen patterns of Kidney weakness; Kidney Jing insufficient, Kidney organ weak and Kidney Qi Xu. Understanding how to treat the kidneys is essential to working with children, as is knowing the methodology. Because children are so sensitive to the benefits of acupuncture, this module teaches you how to needle children safely and to maximize your results. In addition, the "Mother and Child" relationship will be explained as working with children extends beyond your little patient. This course is essential to give you confidence treating children.


Course Objectives

  • Have a greater understanding of the role of the Kidneys in children's health.

  • Learn about the differences between Kidney: weakness; Jing insufficient; organ weak and Qi Xu.

  • Learn how administering acupuncture with children is different to needling adults.

  • Understand how the "Mother and Child" will determine the effectiveness of treatment and prognosis.


Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course

Provider: CPD Cert

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