Business and Marketing Success in Acupuncture with Greg Sperber

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Approved for 6 CEUs via NCCAOM (PE-CW) and Texas. Not approved for Florida CEUs. Consolidation of previous courses that were sold individually.

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

Regardless of how adept a practitioner you are, without a solid marketing strategy you may never achieve the success you deserve. Join acupuncturist, author, and podcaster Dr. Greg Sperber in this informative and eye-opening 6-part series to strengthen your marketing and business skills and build your practice, while effectively conserving your time, energy, and resources so you can focus on what you do best -- treating patients!

Part 1: Strategic Position

The first step in developing a strong marketing plan is to develop your strategic position, or what sets your practice apart from others. Greg presents the explains the variety of strategic positions, recognizing customer perceptions, and how to effectively analyze your risks and opportunities. 

Part 2: Target Markets

Learn how to determine your target market, what demographic factors are involved, and why you should take each generation's issues and perceptions of the world into consideration when developing and strengthening your marketing strategy.

Part 3: The Competition

An important aspect of your marketing strategy should always include an evaluation of your competitors. This class will teach you how to find the advantage over your present and future competition as well as how to improve your internal business operations to positively affect your bottom line.

Part 4: Reaching Your Patients

Build a successful acupuncture practice is difficult if you're uncertain of how to effectively reach out to your target patients. In this class, you'll earn how to strengthen your company's message and strategically use marketing vehicles in order to build your ideal patient base.

Part 5: Proper Charting - Protecting Against Lawsuits

Charting may be the least exciting part of your acupuncture practice, but it's the most important tool you have to protect yourself against malpractice lawsuits. In this class, Greg presents why you should use SOAP notes, identifies the most common charting errors, explains why "negatives" are important and should always be included in the chart, and several other important charting specifics.

Part 6: Accepting Insurance

As author of "Playing the Game, A Step-by-Step Approach to Accepting Insurance as an Acupuncturist", Greg has a wealth of information to offer here. In this class, he presents the pros and cons of accepting health insurance so you can make a more informed decision about whether to accept insurance in your practice.

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