Mind, Money and Marketing


Course Overview

Are you prepared for a crisis such as a worldwide pandemic in your clinic? This video will show you ways to succeed now and in the future. This course is brought to you free and with a free CEU. Mental toughness, grit, and resilience are key components to hanging in long enough to win. Learn how to maintain perspective and get it back once lost. Adrenal response can take over with negative stress. Ward has extensive knowledge and training in these subjects and will walk you through how to work with and manage them. Businesses that run out of money have to shut. Ward has experience as a financial planner and he teaches the building blocks of a financial plan, leading to financial independence. Peek into Ward's well-received “Practice Management Series”. Classify your clinic and what you need to focus on. Long game marketing is the key. Many focus on the short game, which is a reason most clinics close. Examples of both are taught. Learn how to take your clinic online from scripts, what you can do; web services to use and what not to say. Ward’s shows his clinical numbers for the past few years and what a Covid-19 lockdown did to his clinic once it reopened, what changes he made and why, and thoughts of how his practice changed post Covid-19 lockdown. Ward is joined by Dr. John Stan for a discussion on new practitioners, the value of Toastmasters, things he did to stay in business, and much more. Join Ward in helping you to success in your life and practice.

Course Objectives

Manage and understand some of the emotions and cognition drives in stressful times (why do we freak out and what to do about it). Understand the basic financial building blocks to financial independence and how to build a simple financial plan. Learn Marketing strategies during stressful events and how to connect to patients and win them for life. What has worked since returning to work and what to avoid at all cost.

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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course

Provider: CPD Cert

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