Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar Series - Course 6

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Pain and inflammation on the top of the shoulder is usually due to pathology of the acromial-clavicular (AC) joint. Acutely, this is called a shoulder separation, and involves sprain to the acromial-clavicular ligament. Chronically, pain at this joint may simply be arthritis, and is diagnosed as a Bi syndrome. Because there is no defined point at the AC joint, the acupuncturist often overlooks this as a cause of shoulder pain, especially in the chronic state. Located between Large Intestine 16 on the medial aspect and Large Intestine 15 on the lateral aspect, these two points serve as effective adjacent sites for needling.


However, this webinar will cover some very innovative treatments involving “threading the joint space” at Large Intestine 15.5. AC separation as well as chronic inflammation involves injury at the level of the ligaments, tendons, and the joint. There is qi and blood stagnation in the channels and collaterals. The Large Intestine is the primary meridian affected. Thus, in addition to the local and adjacent treatment, distal Yang-ming points may greatly assist in effective outcomes. In this webinar, Whitfield Reaves will discuss this often overlooked diagnosis, and cover the relatively simple details of acupuncture sports medicine techniques.


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