Body Memories and Physical Trauma in Chinese Medicine

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  • Treat using effective treatment strategies for the 7 segments of Body Armors.

  • Provide your patients with exercises for changing the habitual beliefs and mindsets and support them with treatments for changing beliefs and mindsets

  • Apply Psychology and Acupuncture Therapy (PAT) for releasing repressed traumatic memories.

  • Analyse the concept of Trauma.

  • Comprehend the defensive role of the Jing Jin ≈ Sinew channels, sensations, and body memories.

  • Identify (territory; causative factors; physical and psychological manifestations) the 7 segments of Body Armors.


In this course, Dr. Hamid Montakab MD. introduces to the concepts of trauma, defensive layers; the role of the subconscious, body memories, and the concept of “Body Armors” with a description of each segment and treatment strategies with the Sinew channels

The body is both a source and a storage site for emotions, especially after trauma. 

Overwhelming traumatic events are subconsciously retained by “Hun” and “Po”. The reactivation of these subconscious emotional and physical memories is experienced as a variety of psychological and physical manifestations, quite often unrelated to a given situation. 

These conditions may range from unexplained physical pains or physiological reactions to emotional or psychological manifestations as seen in phobias, personality disorders, panic attacks, or PTSD, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, these subconscious memories contribute to the formation of mental patterns and “Belief mechanisms”. 

Acupuncture strategies for releasing the “Body memories” constitute an important stage of treating the “Hidden Roots of Disease”. 

Completed with case studies, Dr. Montakab demonstrates specific acupuncture points to help release, remember, express, and let go of traumatic memories.

Provider: TCM Academy

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