Burnout 101: Heal Your Patients, Heal Yourself

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The truth behind using acupuncture, neuroscience, and lifestyle to heal burnout

Burnout is rampant and is an untapped patient base. Learn how to reach and treat this group of patients powerfully and successfully.


Course Overview

Please Note: This course is presented in English and is verbally translated into German, back and forth, during the presentation. Burnout 101 covers research backed information about the 'Second Pandemic'. From neuroscience to scalp acupuncture and from prevention to recovery - every aspect of recognizing, treating, and helping people heal from burnout is covered. As practictioners, often solo practitioners, we know that burnout is not just a problem with our patients. This course will help guide you through how to heal your own burnout so you can meet patients' with your previous levels of patience and generosity. This course is for you. This course is for your current patients. This course is for your future patients as well. Becoming well versed in burnout treatment is critical because much of the advice that actually works is counterintuitive and requires a shift in thinking. Additionally, this is a largely untapped market that is actively looking for solutions and actively looking for qualified professionals who can guide recovery.


Course Objectives

  • Obtain a deep understanding of the mechanisms behind burnout.

  • Learn how to treat burnt out patients with the most impactful treatments.

  • Recognize the difference between burnout recovery and burnout prevention.

  • Gain the tools you need to heal burnout in yourself.

  • Expand your patient base with your new understanding.

Provider: CPD Cert

Access: Lifetime

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