Management of Crisis & Distress with Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture for Shock, Dismay, Grief, Death & Dying

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  • Acupuncture treatment protocols for managing these emotional patterns

  • Acupuncture strategies for Death and dying

  • Adapted exercises for changing beliefs (PAT: Psychology and Acupuncture Therapy)

  • Understanding the psyche from a Chinese medical perspective

  • Understanding the human responses to distressing and shocking events

  • Identifying the emotional patterns



In these troubled times, many of our patients are complaining of distressing psycho-emotional symptoms, even more than physical pains and discomforts.

The fear, insecurity and repeated disappointments are taking a heavy toll on the general population as witnessed by the increase in domestic violence, psychiatric complaints, psychotic episodes and suicides.

Can we actually help our patients with acupuncture?

Content: In this live Webinar we will explore:

  • The construct of the psyche according to the Chinese vision (five sections)

  • Instincts and emotions; the role of the subconscious

  • The energetic and psychological defensive mechanisms

  • Emotional trauma; the concept of shock; its energetic and psychological consequences

  • Common emotional reactions to unpleasant news or shock

  • Acupuncture therapeutic strategies

  • Acupuncture for death and dying

  • Cultivation of the mind and changing beliefs (Psychology and Acupuncture Therapy)


1st hour: Exploring the concepts of the Psyche; mind; emotions; instincts and defensive mechanisms in Chinese Medicine

2nd hour: The Traumatic experience and Shock; psychological and energetic consequences; common emotional reaction patterns

3rd hour: Treatment strategies: Acupuncture for the different emotional stages; Acupuncture support for the dying person and their companions; cultivation of the mind; Psychology and Acupuncture Therapy (PAT) to change mind-sets and beliefs

Provider: TCM Academy

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