Working With Grief

Working With Grief
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This class will help you guide your patients through the grief process with an integrated mind-body approach.

Course Overview

In this class you will learn how to address patient concerns to help them move through their natural grief process with its pain and its tenderness. You will learn to listen and communiate effectively to address grief as it arises in your sessions. This is done by directing the patient's awareness to their internal process in mind and body during this difficult emotional time. During the grief process its important to help our patiens both grieve and rest. You will learn how to help your patients do both. In the resting phase we focus on body sensations of ease and relaxation that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and open the door to a deeper and intuitive connection to themselves and the wisdom of shen. This greatly aids the transformation that is inherent in the grieving process. We'll also talk about rituals to transform grief and online resources for patients. Grief can be a hidden component of other physical problems. In this regard you will learn how to help a person focus on a pattern of tension in the body and get a deeper understanding of its emotional content by inspiring their curiosity and using an experimental attitude. Our work as practitioners is so much easier when the patient tell us about their energetic condition from the inside out. This takes some flexibility on our parts and the ability to lead by following and guide awareness inward towards present experience. You will find the effectivness of your treatments increase and deepen.


Course Objectives

  • Learn about the energetics of grief and how to work with tears as a relational messenger.

  • Understand how statements and specific questions about present experience direct the patient’s focus and get to the heart of the matter.

  • Learn to support the outward expression of grief during a session and guide awareness to deeper states of relaxation to access and anchor the arising wisdom of shen in soma and psyche.

  • Review rituals to transform grief and work with regret and forgiveness.

  • Learn to bring mindful awareness to a pattern of body tension to unlock emotions and work with inner needs.

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