Hacking Chinese Medicine - Course 6

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This class covers some code words that have been mistranslated into English. Our use of these words makes this medicine even more cryptic than it needs to be. Also, by using mistranslated words, we inhibit our ability to really understand what we are talking about when we use these words as if they made sense. Even worse, if we use these words with our patients, they are left with very wrong ideas about what is going on inside their bodies. If you use the correctly translated terms, not only is this medicine easy to explain, but your patients can be empowered by knowing what is going on in their own bodies.

Oppositely, using mistranslated words makes our diagnoses and treatment names misleading, not useful, or even stupid and ludicrous. Also, most of the encoded Pattern names have left out the term “Channel Qi", which was always understood to be the underpinnings of this type of medicine. This talk will give the correct translation for some of the most common terms, offering a better way to communicate with patients about the underlying causes of their problems.


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