Hacking Chinese Medicine - Course 7

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If you are an English speaker, you may have a very incorrect idea of what is meant by the Chinese colloquial phrase “Balancing Yin and Yang.” Loosely translated, this phrase means anything from “let’s mix things up” to “let’s make things better.” Then again, the phrase means something very different in classical Taoist Chinese, where it means the same as the ancient Greek idea of the same era: “balancing body and mind.” Which refers to lifestyle choices, and isn’t something that we can treat using medicine.

Learn more about this history of this concept and what it means for us in the field of Chinese medicine. This lecture is the last of three that address common mistranslations from the Chinese into English. After a discussion of Balancing Yin and Yang, the lecture makes a foray into a new field altogether: channel theory and it’s applications, starting with an example of treating asthma.


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