Hacking Chinese Medicine - Course 8

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The course provides an introduction to some of the electromagnetic properties of fascia, and why western researchers are now suspecting that electrical flow in fascia corresponds with the “mysterious meridians of Chinese medicine.” This course covers: Conversion from one type of channel Qi to another, and the locations of these conversions; how channel Qi creates organs, and not the other way around; how we can learn to feel the differences between one channel and another; how different types of channel Qi might be responsible for the development of the various sensory brain cells; The importance of always bearing in mind the sequence of the channel Qi flow when diagnosing a health problem.

The case study demonstrates using channel theory to track down the very unexpected, multiple, channel blockages causing the patient to have thirty years of chronic migraines, weakness on one side of her body, and why her knee, ankle, neck, and 6th rib on her right side were always “popping out of place.” None of the traditional Pattern diagnoses helped her condition - tongue and pulse showed weakness, but didn’t help show what the problem actually was; this course will illuminate the processes used to solve the issue.


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