Acupuncture Anatomy Series - Course 1

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Course Overview

The psoas major is a crucial structure to understand as it is involved with the stability and balance of the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint. Since it is in such a central location in the body, imbalances in this muscle can impact the entire body, but it is especially important to understand its influence when working with low back, hip and groin pain. This class will explore the functional anatomy of the psoas major and it will look at its role in spinal and hip mechanics. We will explore how imbalances impact the spine and pelvis and how this muscle can be involved with lordosis, spinal rotations, spinal bends and pelvic tilts. In addition, this class will explore the channel and organ relationships of this muscle to help integrate the anatomy into the channel system. Comprehensive treatment approaches will be explored using local, adjacent and distal acupuncture, myofascial release, and corrective exercises.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the anatomy of the psoas major and the influence of this muscle on the lumbar region, pelvis and hip.

  • Learn how to assess for imbalances in the psoas major and how to recognize its impact on the alignment of the lumbar and pelvic region.

  • Understand how the anatomy of this muscle fits in to the channel system, especially the sinew channels (jingjin).

  • Understand the connection of the muscle with the kidney organ and renal fascia, to the diaphragm, to the lumbar plexus, and to other structures.

  • Learn how to treat imbalances in this muscle with acupuncture, myofascial release and corrective exercises.

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