Drug-Herb Interactions


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We know that a large proportion of our patients are on pharmaceuticals or trying to avoid being on them. To be the most effective practitioner we can, we need to know about drugs, how they work, and how they affect what we do with Chinese medicine.

Think of this series as pharmaceutical course "lite." We are going to talk about all of the major drug categories, get into why they are prescribed, how they work, and the dangers to be on the look out for. All of this from the perspective of a Chinese medical practitioner. So we discuss drug-herb and drug-acupuncture interactions as well as important and positive combinations.

The first two courses start at the basics. In the first course, The Basics of Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine, we get into many of the basics of pharmacology including pharmacokinetics (and the ADME scheme) and pharmacodynamics. In the second course, we expand on these basics and jump deep into drug-herb interactions. After that, we explore categories of drugs.

This series is all about applying what you learn to your patients. When we discuss drug-herb interactions, we not only talk about how to understand the information but also how to communicate it to our patients by introducing a practice building tool, the Drug-Herb Matrix.

This is a super important course for any practitioner!

This seminar is based on my book published by Blue Poppy: Integrative Pharmacology, Combining Modern Pharmacology and Integrative Medicine written with Bob Flaws.
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