Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) Webinar Program - Module I: The Spinal Column

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Matt Callison, author of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture textbook is a frequent international lecturer and presenter at symposiums and doctoral programs worldwide. He is a pioneer in North America in the research and development of motor point acupuncture and treatment protocols. He is one of the first to combine sports medicine clinical applications and truly integrate them with traditional Chinese medicine. He is well-known for his work with professional athletes and in developing treatment strategies for the orthopedic injuries affecting the aging athlete. Matt Callison joins his colleagues Brian Lau and Ian Armstrong to present the SMAC Webinar program. This advanced training consists of four Modules and is designed as an intensive curriculum and sequential learning format. This webinar series prepares the practitioner for the “assessment and treatment of injury classes” found in each Module, which are taught as a live in-person course.

In this Series, we are covering Module I: The Spinal Column.

Course 1: Anatomy & Cadaver Lab.
Course 2: Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise.
Course 3: Motor Point Needle Protocols for Vertebral and Sacral Fixations

The full SMAC Program is as follows:

MODULE I—The Spinal Column
MODULE II—The Low Back, Hip and Groin
MODULE III—The Lower Extremity
MODULE IV—The Neck, Shoulder and Upper Extremity


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Provider: CPD Cert

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