The Nectar of Plants: Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine Series


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The Nectar of Plants is a three-part online series by acupuncturist Josephine Spilka, exploring essential oils and Chinese medicine. This course is suitable for all types of healthcare practitioners, as well as for individuals interested in the medicinal application of essential oils.

In this series, you will learn how to use essential oils easily and effectively in your healthcare practice. Josephine will explain the function and application of specific essential oils in the context of Chinese medicine and teach you how to utilize essential oils to treat the most common diseases and disorders.

Each course is broken down into four lectures, each with roughly 2.5 hours of educational content. That's 10 hours of content for each course! To help you learn and apply the unique qualities of each essential oil, each part is accompanied by an experiential exercise and downloadable reference materials.

These courses can be taken in any order, so you have the freedom to pick where to jump in first. Come join the growing community exploring Chinese Medicine Aromatherapy!
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