Masters Talk: Kid – 1 When and How to Use It



  • Experience Kid 1 through a unique drawing.

  • Use Kid 1 with deeper connection to it. 

  • Watch the wide horizons and deep depths of Chinese Medicine. 

  • Enjoy two seasoned practitioner discuss and enrich each other about the clinical use of Kid 1.


Kid 1, Yong Quan (Bubbling Spring), is the first point on the Kidney meridian, it is a Wood point, the source of Chong Mai and more but what does it mean and what else can we think of, and learn from, when we learn it and use it? 

This course explores Kid 1 and its clinical use through a wonderful and unique drawing, which brings to life the point and the different aspects of it; its name, its attributes, element, position on the body and more.  

Through this masters discussion of Kid 1 we learn not only how to clinically use Kid 1 but we better understand other points and their possibilities and we go deeper into the qualities of Chinese Medicine.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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