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Practitioners of TCM/TCVM have often noticed that there is a supportive effect with acupuncture and herbal medicine that helps to provide our patients with more physical energy. Why this happens has only been able to be described on a TCM theory level. Current research shows that from a cellular aspect, the function of the mitochondria supports the organism in a manner very much like how the function of Qi is described in the classics. In this presentation, we examine mitochondrial function as an aspect of Qi and consider the links between how Qi has been described historically, and how we know the mitochondria work today.


Then, we look at the effects of acupuncture and TCM herbal medicine on the function of the mitochondria. We examine some of the current experimental evidence and design that brings to light the effect of acupuncture and herbal medicine on cellular energetics at a mitochondrial level. Information provided in these lectures can help practitioners build a bridge of communication between the conventionally trained healthcare practitioners and those of us who practice TCM/TCVM.


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