Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture

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This lecture will not include demonstrations or hands-on training, thus the learning objectives focus on knowledge of the field and conceptual understanding of the practice systems. 

  • Gain clinical and strategical approaches in the treatment of chronic pain patients.

  • Understand the needs for adjusting treatment for different chronic pain patients.

  • Know the conceptual basis of Toyohari Meridian Therapy – root & branch treatments.

  • Learn a brief description of root treatment.

  • Overview of the branch treatment approaches and their selection.

  • Expanding the definitions of chronic pain.

  • Review current scientific evidence for acupuncture in the treatment of chronic pain conditions.

  • Explore how scientific experts (Government-based, medical groups) have consumed that evidence and recommendations for the use of acupuncture.



Chronic pain is a complex condition with evolving approaches in biomedicine. New international definitions of ‘chronic primary pain’ and ‘chronic secondary pain’ open up opportunities for acupuncture as a therapeutic option. 

After briefly discussing scientific evidence for acupuncture in treatment of chronic pain conditions and accompanying problems and how medical experts have consumed that evidence, the lecture will outline how Toyohari, Meridian Therapy approaches the chronic pain patient and strategies for the treatment of the pain and patient management.

Following the lecture, participants will know more about the general treatment and management of chronic pain conditions and strategies employed by practitioners of Toyohari, Japanese Meridian Therapy for these purposes.

Provider: TCM Academy

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