Japanese Meridian Acupuncture Therapy - Course 1

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Course Overview

This fun and informative class introduces you to the world of Japanese Meridian Therapy Acupuncture including the intuitive needling for the adjustment of the Qi and blood. Japanese Acupuncturist have a unique perspective on the Five Phases for needling, and diagnosis. Abdominal acupuncture needling and abdominal diagnosis, Five Phase comparative pulse taking, posture, advanced needling protocols, insertion and non-insertion needling, and immediate feedback systems will be discussed.


Course Objectives

  • Be able to understand Japanese approaches to needling.

  • Understand how to use the Five Phases for diagnosis, point selection and treatment.

  • Learn how to recognize deficient and excess locations and how they relate to overall treatment and diagnosis.

  • Learn about the unique history of Japanese acupuncture.

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