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Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using placenta medicinally for thousands of years. One of the well-known TCM uses for placenta, or Zî hé che, is to help with insufficient lactation as well as postpartum-recovery and the prevention of postpartum depression. In fact, in many traditional cultures, the placenta is revered for its great restorative capacities. According to TCM, placenta is considered to be a very powerful medicine as it is life giving and is a storehouse of Vital Essence for the baby. Placenta is often included in traditional medicinal combinations with restorative functions. As placenta is a completely natural substance, created by a woman's own body, the therapeutic use of the placenta is definitely worth considering as part of a holistic postpartum recovery for every expectant woman.

This 2-part series covers the use of Placenta, including the processing, preparation, and administration of it, along with various therapeutic uses both for the post-partum patient and other conditions.
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