Face Reading: Using The Face As A Microsystem

Using the face for diagnosis is now thought to be one of the original aspects of Chinese Medicine. This is because the face is a map of life experience and a blueprint for the body’s function. The areas of the face correspond to the organs of the body and give access to the signs of strength and deficiency. From the facial markings and features, you can assess signs of illness and discover the underlying psychological and emotional issues affecting health. This course aims to equip practitioners with useful diagnostic skills to enhance their clinical practice.

Goals of the course:

1. Participants will learn about the Body Blueprint shown on the face
2. They will be given tools to interpret the colors and markings for diagnositic purposes
3. They will be taught about the emotional underlay of disease
4. They will come to understand how to use the Facial Maps for diagnosis
5. They will be able to utilize the Facial Maps for treatment

Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand
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