Discussing Explanations of Channels and Points



  • Understanding the history of acupuncture and acupuncture points

  • Utilise Explanations of Channels and Points by analysing how the book explains point names

  • Differentiates point indications by categories

  • Critically examining channel Pathways

  • Compiles information on eight Extraordinary Pathways



In this free, one hour-long webinar, Michael Brown introduces Explanations of Channels and Points, which he translated and Allen Tsaur edited.

This text, dating from the early Qing dynasty (circa. 17th century) is an extremely unique text in the way that it analyses acupuncture points, names, and diseases which sets it apart from any other text pre-1911.

It is also the first text to number the points, much earlier than many of us believe. The viewer will gain an appreciation for the text and see the importance of it in the history of acupuncture and for clinical use.

Provider: TCM Academy

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