Acupuncture Anatomy Series - Course 2

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Course Overview

The quadratus lumborum (QL) is a crucial structure of the lumbar spine. Despite its importance, its role in stability and its contribution to low back pain are controversial and not fully understood. The QL is reported to be more of a postural muscle that acts as an intersection of tensional force, rather than being a prime mover in any particular action. Practitioners should remember that all muscles interconnect as a function of the fascial system, and for the quadratus lumborum, the practitioner must look further than just treating this muscle as an individual pain generator. In this presentation, we will discuss the latest research on this muscle, its complex structure and relevant neurology, its myofascial connections to neighboring tissues, and its sinew channel connections. We will also discuss assessment, acupuncture point protocols, and local anatomy related to proper needling. In addition, we will highlight targeted myofascial release and corrective exercises protocols to help correct postural imbalances, restore function, and reinforce the acupuncture.


Course Objectives

  • The practitioner will be able to describe the complex structural, fascial and neural anatomy of the quadratus lumborum.

  • The practitioner will be able to describe the actions of the quadratus lumborum.

  • The practitioner will be to describe how the quadratus lumborum links with the channel system.

  • The practitioner will be able to apply various functional assessments to find imbalances in the quadratus lumborum and its connected myofascial tissues.

  • The practitioner will be able to apply acupuncture, myofascial release and corrective exercise protocols for the quadratus lumborum.

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