Unblocking the Flow: Acupuncture in the Treatment of Bi Syndromes

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  • Use strategies of treatment fitting for the various kinds and stages of the disease.

  • Choose effective acupuncture points for the treatment.

  • Differentiate various kinds of Bi-obstruction Syndromes.

  • Recognize specific stages of development of the Bi Syndrome.

  • Know the modern scientific research on acupuncture for arthritis.



One of the fundamental laws of Chinese Medicine teaches the constant struggle between the upright, Zheng Qi, of the body and pathogenic Xie Qi, usually coming from the outside.

When pathogenic Qi manages to enter the channels, it can block the free flow of Qi leading to various responses from the body.

In this course, Bartosz Chmielnicki MD discuss the ancient theory of the Bi Syndromes together with different strategies of treatment and acupuncture points.

He strengthens the discourse by presenting Scientific knowledge from modern research about the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of arthritis.

Provider: TCM Academy

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