Saam Acupuncture: Draining Strategies and Bilateral Combinations

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By Toby Daly

Advanced Saam treatment methods and diagnostics for those who already have a solid understanding of the Basics. We’ll explore the use of bilateral treatment and draining.

Course Overview

In this second level Saam course we explore the use of bilateral treatment, along with understanding the proper parameters for when a draining treatment would be appropriate. We’ll be learning through lecture, case studies, and student presentations.

Course Objectives

  • Examine fundamental Saam tradition principles through peer presented case studies.

  • Identify effective pairings of bilateral channels in regard to Five Phase and Six Conformation considerations respectively.

  • Evaluate and explore the use of draining in the Saam tradition.

  • Critically evaluate clinical cases presented by the instructor.

  • Effectively implement the Saam tradition into your clinical practice.

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