Cultivating the Mind and Emotions for Self and Practitioner Development

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  • Have practical ways of cultivating the three treasures (jing, qi shen/body, breath/mind) to build emotional resilience and allow us to gain some level of control over our emotions, while at the same time letting them flow freely.

  • Have a better understanding of both yourself and your patients.

  • Know how constitutional inheritance, foetal life and childhood influence lifelong emotional patterns.

  • Understand how excess anger, joy, grief, thinking, worry, anxiety, fear, fright and stress impact on our physical and mental health.


Learning to manage the emotions comes first in the yangsheng (nourishment of life) tradition. This is because unregulated emotions can have a real impact on our physical and mental health, and because until we have managed some level or emotional integration, it is hard for us to look after ourselves. 

This course, which draws equally on traditional Chinese medicine and modern research, looks in detail at emotions as a cause of disease, and offers practical tools to help us learn to regulate our emotions for health and wellbeing.

Provider: TCM Academy

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