Sex and Healing

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Sex has long been used as a healing tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The erotic healing arts practices are older than acupuncture and, though little known by the Western world, are still in use today. Sexual expression, when done with a proper understanding of how energy moves, can enhance and quicken healing. Sex, even “great sex”, practiced without TCM healing techniques, can decrease health and make your process of getting well longer and more difficult. It can even interfere with the treatments that your acupuncturist is giving you, resulting in less improvement per session

In this 1 hour class, Dr. Felice Dunas will show you how, according to TCM theory, sex can support or inhibit health and healing. She will introduce simple practices that will  enhance your pleasure while improving your health. Optimize your healing, no matter the nature of your illness or injury, with energy, or Qi (pronounced “chi”) cultivating sexual activities.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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