Sex and Love

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Intimacy and relationship issues can be awkward to discuss with patients unless you are sufficiently trained to do so. Dr. Dunas has created educational tools for your patients so they can learn about these topics on their own.

You benefit by prescribing an educational opportunity without having to teach the subject yourself. Patients learn without having to engage in a direct conversation with you. Once they have been exposed to Dr. Dunas’ work, a conversation between you can be more comfortably approached from either side, should there be a need. TCM can, truly, help heal a patient’s love life and their body.

A key component in the implementation of this modality is the principle of “healing through pleasure”, a perspective easily overlooked by our Western views of life and medicine, but pivotal to TCM as practiced in the past. In this one-hour recorded presentation, Dr. Felice Dunas introduces a subject for which she received the Acupuncturist of the Year Award by the AAAOM: single-handedly bringing the “Sexual Healing Practices” of Chinese medicine to the North American acupuncture profession. Older than acupuncture and consistently used to the present day, our professional ancestors reserved sexual teachings only for those patients whose lives would require optimal intelligence, power, vitality and longevity - in essence, the rulers of feudal China.

That is how important, but secretive, these practices have always been. Why are these teachings important for acupuncturists today to understand? Because the quality of a patient’s sexual life and their ability to cultivate intimacy closeness directly affects and is affected by health. In essence, the effectiveness of your work can be helped or hindered by how a patient “loves”.


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