A Functional Medicine and Energetic Approach to COVID-19

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Course Overview

While the global cases of COVID-19 have begun to decline, the virus and the medical issues it presents are likely to remain a significant issue for some time to come. As conventional medical therapy is limited, complementary medical providers are well-positioned to use their skill sets in the management of COVID-19, from both a prevention and symptom treatment standpoint. This lecture will introduce the concepts of Functional Medicine as it relates to the immune system and its response to viral infections. We will also review the energetic archetypes and Chinese medical patterns associated with COVID-19 and discuss various approaches to address them with acupuncture, herbs and Acutonics® in sound healing.


Course Objectives

  • Define the concept of Functional Medicine

  • Describe COVID-19 from the Western biomedical perspective and the energetic perspective

  • Assess modifiable lifestyle factors which support the immune system and thereby decrease the risk of viral infections and their complications

  • Synthesize this information to formulate an Integrated Medicine approach to COVID-19 including supplements, herbs, acupuncture, Acutonics ®, shamanism and other treatments

  • Discuss the archetypes, energetic patterns, medical-astrological considerations and psycho-spiritual implications associated with COVID-19 infection


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.


Provider: CPD Cert

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