The Alchemy of the Organs - Course 2

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A detailed study of the liver and the lungs, the rising-falling, east-west axis of Chinese medicine. Linked with wood and metal, the power to burst out of the earth and to bury within the earth, this expressive-reflective dynamic is key to the fulfilment and attainment of our desires and dreams - or knowing when to stop at our limits. As sea of blood and master of qi, the liver and the lungs are linked to the hun and the po, the one ever searching to connect with the shen, the other ever vigilant to guard and maintain the body.

We will study the Daoist, alchemical and medical aspects of the liver and the lungs from ancient texts and images and explore their application to clinical practice in modern times through studying key points on the liver, lung and other meridians such as Xuan Ji Jade Pivot (Ren 21), which restores fluidity of respiratory movement and Li Gou, Woodworm Canal (Liv 5) which restores normality to the sexual region.


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Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert

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