Treating Female Infertility with Chinese Medicine

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Approved for 13 CEUs via NCCAOM, Florida, and Texas

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

This course has been one of our most popular offerings.  It is designed to teach practitioners how to work with infertility patients who may or may not be also using various types of assisted reproductive technologies.  In additions to the things one would expect in such a course, the class also covers how to adjust treatment during the four stages of the menstrual cycle, how to interpret BBT charts, how to work with women using various western fertility drugs or in-vitro fertilization technology, as well as specific diseases that may lead to infertility.  All along the way, Bob includes special clinical tips, diagnostic information, and knowledge you won't find in books on this subject.

This course covers:

Chinese disease mechanisms & patterns associated with infertility and how to treat them.

Disease mechanisms and patterns associated with common Western gynecological conditions associated with infertility and how to treat them.

How to phase treatment for infertility.

How to integrate Chinese medical treatment with assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

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