Health through the Seasons with Chinese Dietetics

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By Ellen Goldsmith

The power of food as medicine through the seasons is foundational to supporting the balance of health. This course is for practitioners who want to integrate seasonal food recommendations into their practice in a direct and effective way.

Course Overview

This 2-hour class offers a review of the fundamentals of food energetics through the thermal nature (Qi) and flavors of food through the cycle of the 4 seasons and seasonal transitions (Earth). Each seasonal overview will incorporate an overview of its properties, beneficial flavors, balance of yin and yang, cooking methods and movement and activities to support balance and health. The goal of this class is to offer practical and dynamic ways to integrate food recommendations into a Chinese medicine practice as part of the self-care recommendations made to patients. This is a class for people who love food and its power to heal and transform. Chinese medicine practitioners who do not have herbal training will strengthen their fundamental understanding of the energetics of food through understanding its Nature and Flavor. Food energetics is a powerful complement to Chinese herbal knowledge and is also a resource to utilize in everyday life.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basics of the thermal nature and flavor of foods in Chinese dietary therapy.

  • Understand the basic properties of each season and how food choices encourage the balance of internal yin and yang.

  • Learn how cooking methods affect the thermal nature and action of foods throughout the seasons.

  • Be able to employ and incorporate basic seasonal food recommendations into their Chinese medicine practice.

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