Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

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Course Overview

Internationally renown for her ability to effectively integrate Eastern and Western medical knowledge of facial aging, Dr. Shellie Goldstein, with 30 years of experience, presents a through understanding of facial anatomy with overlapping TCM theory and treatment protocols. This engaging one hour lecture leads the viewer through a power point presentation description of the Western anatomical changes of the aging face (bone, muscle, skin, and connecting tissues), complemented by Eastern medicine Qi, Blood, Meridian, and Organ system theory and treatment strategies for minimizing the signs of aging while enhancing overall health. An easy to follow downloadable outline provides color images and videos to exemplify these changes. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment strategies for the aging face will be discussed with acupuncture protocols for obtaining excellent treatment results.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the Eastern Medicine theory as it pertains to systemic aging and the aging face.

  • Understand the Western Medicine theory as it pertains to facial anatomy and the aging face.

  • Understand Eastern Medicine diagnosics and treatment protocols for diminishing the signs of aging and enhancing systemic health.

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