Ethical Practice for Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

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By Shellie Goldstein

This course will provide ethical practice as it pertains to facial concerns and aging.


Course Overview

In this course, we will explore ethical practice as it relates to cosmetic facial acupuncture. Interactive skills of practitioner-patient communication, inspiring patient trust, and managing patient expectations while adhering to ethical practice will be discussed. This course will satisfy 2 hours of ethical practice continuing education.


Course Objectives

  • Understanding ethical practice of patient respect, rights, informed consent, confidentiality, boundaries and relationships, and sexual contact as it pertains to cosmetic facial acupuncture.

  • Understanding professional ethics of standards of the profession, relationships, truthful information, power differential, establishing trust, and managing the intricacies of patient expectations related to cosmetic facial acupuncture treatment.

  • Understanding public ethics of complying with state laws, truthful information, and advertising, as it relates to cosmetic facial acupuncture.

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