Safe Practice for Facial Acupuncture

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By Shellie Goldstein

This course will provide safe practice for diagnosing, documenting, safe acupuncture needle selection, and first aid protocols for acupuncturists when needling the face and neck for patient cosmetic and related concerns.


Course Overview

This course will provide two hours of safe practice when performing acupuncture on the face and neck for patients cosmetic and facial concerns. In this course, you will learn patient and practitioner safety when diagnosing, documenting, and needling the face and neck. Precautions and contradictions for treating the face and neck will be discussed. Selecting acupuncture needles for maximum safety when specifically addressing the face and neck for will be reviewed. Avoiding facial nerves, vessels, and bruising with safe needling protocols including difficult acupuncture points such as ST 9 and BL 1 will be taught. In addition, first aid protocols for bruising and tissue damage will be outlined. Video presentations of needling points to avoid nerve damage and bruising will be included. A case study to exemplify patient safety will be presented.


Course Objectives

  • Learn safe needling skills and protocols for needling of the face and neck.

  • Be able to safely diagnose and document patient concerns, protocol strategies, and treatments.

  • Understand how to avoid nerve injury, vessel injury, and bruising when needling the face and neck.

  • Understand how to needles difficult points on the face and neck.

  • Identify first aid protocols for bruising and tissue damage.

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