Point Location Series: Advanced Level - Course 1

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Course Overview

The Command Points distal to the elbow and knee are among the safest, most effective, and commonly used in acupuncture. They include the Source (Yuan), Junction (Luo-Connecting), Horary, Tonification and Sedation points, the Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood points of all meridians, Antique (Shu-Transporting) points, Xi-Cleft points, Master and Coupled points of the Eight Extra Meridians, many Entry and Exit points, as well as points used for their profound spiritual connotations. Accurate point location is essential for successful treatment outcomes. In this presentation, Prof. Neil R. Gumenick, drawing on over 40 years of clinical experience, will explain how to find each of these points with precision. He will cover proper positioning of the patient, locating the appropriate anatomical landmarks, measuring, and accessing the exact point. The live video presentations will be supported by photos and anatomical renderings to facilitate the learning and retention of this essential material.


Course Objectives

  • Learn to properly position the patient.

  • Learn to locate appropriate anatomical landmarks.

  • Learn to accurately measure distances.

  • Learn to feel to locate the exact point.

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