Point Location Series: Non-Command Points


Series Overview

These 4 one-hour recorded webinars cover some of the most important and commonly used non-command points on the human body, including points on the REN and DU Channels, upper thoracic, abdominal region, the back, and points around the neck. Among the categories of points covered include Back Shu points, points of Entry and Exit, points on the Inner and Outer Bladder Lines, Kidney chest points, and Windows of the Sky.

Professor Neil Gumenick has been teaching point location to students for over 3 decades and has been in full-time practice since 1981. In this recorded webinar series, he will discuss how to best position the patient, how to identify appropriate physical landmarks, measuring distances, and finally locating, by palpation, the exact point. Power point photos of actual patients and anatomical diagrams will accompany Neil’s precise descriptions.

The four courses cover the following:

Course 1 covers the back, including selected points on the DU channel, inner and outer UB line
Course 2 covers the chest and abdomen, including selected points on the REN channel, Kidney, Stomach, and Spleen
Course 3 covers points of Entry and Exit
Course 4 covers Windows of the Sky points
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