Acupuncture for the Treatment of Emotional Turmoil

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By David Hartman

Welcome to a workshop that I promise you will be filled with fascinating Chinese medicine concepts that can be applied into your clinical practice immediately. Let me introduce you to 'Acupuncture for the Treatment of Emotional Turmoil'.


Course Overview

From experience, when a Chinese medicine practitioner searches for content on how to treat emotions and mental health conditions (for our medicine), two key things occur. The first, is that there is a significant lack of content; the second, is that the content available is too foundational. In this fascinating workshop, participants will be taken through a range of different emotional disorders, both foundational and more complex. I have been treating patients for 29 years and treating mental health is my special interest. During this time, I have had patients with anger issues, grief, sadness and manic joy. Depression, anxiety and stress are very prevalent in my clinic in Brisbane, Australia. But what I also see are more complex emotional disorders including self-esteem issues, timidity, shame, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and countless others. Twenty of the more common emotional disorders and mental health issues seen in clinic will be analysed, including the Traditional Seven. Each emotion is diagnosed using a range of different systems. Dozens of acupuncture point combination treatments will also be provided Our patient’s mental health is usually quite complicated, therefore you need to think ‘outside the box’ when constructing acupuncture point combinations. So, if you want a workshop that gives you content that is almost impossible to find, especially in this condensed format, look no further.


Course Objectives

  • Be more proficient in identifying the different types of emotional disorders seen in clinic via a greater understanding of the workshop content.

  • Better understand the various forms of diagnoses that can apply for each of the emotional disorders discussed throughout the workshop.

  • More confidently diagnose and treat patients for any of the emotional disorders discussed throughout the workshop.

  • Have a greater insight into the importance of acupuncture point combinations.

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