Acupuncture Point Combinations: The Master-Key to Great Clinical Results

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  • Combine acupuncture point through understanding of the 14 different acupuncture point combination themes discussed.

  • Apply these acupuncture point combination concepts in their clinical setting.

  • Explain what you are doing when asked by patients/clients.


What makes an average acupuncture treatment an optimal one? What is your strategy? Does it come from past treatment successes for certain conditions? Perhaps it’s a point combination that a favourite author suggested? Maybe it’s designed around a diagnostic tool you use like the Wǔ Xíng/Five Element System or the Zàng Fǔ Patterns of Disharmony?

This course is designed to get participants thinking about the reasons for their point combination choices. It will include a range of point combination strategies/themes including: Points with similar Pīn Yīn names/meanings, Yin Yang partners – Five Elements (Wǔ Xíng), Six Divisions, Original (Yuán) Yin and Yang, Zàng Fǔ/Sān Jiāo balance, Bright Foyer, Watchtower, Court, Fence and Shield, & more.

Regardless of your level of experience this course will accommodate you. Understanding how points should be grouped together provide optimal treatment results.

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