Treating Common Clinical Disorders Using Specific Acupuncture Point Combinations

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  • Apply these acupuncture point combination concepts in your clinical setting immediately. 

  • Explain what you are doing if/when asked by patients/clients and/or peers.

  • Understand the 13 different acupuncture point combination themes discussed.

  • Describe how acupuncture point combinations work.

  • Appreciate an entirely new concept that is rarely taught adequately in Chinese medical institutions.



This course offers participants nearly 100 treatments for common clinical disorders, including musculoskeletal complaints, mental and emotional imbalances, and many other signs and symptoms. This is done by examining thirteen different acupuncture point combinations (APC’s). Each of the APC’s is briefly defined and explained before giving a range of various signs and symptoms that they can treat.

The acupuncture point combinations discussed are:

  • Three Regions/Powers

  • Figure Eight

  • The Great Five

  • Chain and Lock

  • Points with similar Pīn Yīn names/meanings

  • Corresponding/Mirroring

  • Crown and Third Eye

  • Open the Four Gates

  • Local and Distal points on the same channel; any channel

  • Top and Bottom

  • Left and Right

  • Front and Back

  • Whole Body.

Regardless of your level of experience, this course will accommodate you. Learning how best to combine the points allows you to study far fewer points individually because you will understand how acupuncture points should be grouped, thereby providing optimal treatment results. Learning treatment strategies for dozens of clinically relevant disorders is also a positive. 

Provider: TCM Academy

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