The 6 Healing Sounds, Qigong for Balancing Emotions



  • Balance yourself using simple Qigong exercises

  • Teach your patients how to  become more grounded

  • Communicate and support your patients from afar 

  • Enlarge your tool box with complementary treatment for patients


Learn an easy-to-teach Qigong practice to share with your Patients. This grounding Qigong practice helps clear out negative energetic patterns from the Organs, bringing the body back to a balanced state.

Supporting our patients has got a completely new meaning during these days. We all do our best using phones and online communication, to prescribe herbs and give other advice.

In this webinar, Nik Haverkamp, a Qigong therapist & teacher with 25 years of Martial and Medical Qigong experience will share with us one of the oldest recorded Qigong forms & simple exercises to give to our patients.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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