Fear/Anxiety Will Affect All Zang-Organs

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  • Review the relationship of resonance between fear/anxiety, shock, and the heart.

  • Deal with fear and anxiety from the perspective of Chinese philosophical practice.

  • Deepen your understanding of the unique characteristics of fear and anxiety based on philosophical/Daoist and classical medical texts.

  • Realize how and why fear and anxiety may directly hurt all Zang-organs.



“The seven feelings: joy, anger, sadness, fear, affection, hate, and desire – you know them without having learned them. (Liji)

Fear and anxiety are in Chinese medical classics, as well as in philosophy, not clearly differentiated. 

In this course, Dr. phil. Dr.rer.med. Dominique Hertzer uses classical medical texts to explore the characteristics of the emotion, “fear/anxiety”, as the most unique of all emotions, based on the Daoist concept of fear/anxiety and its philosophical approach to deal with it.  

Together we see why it is not limited to the kidneys but rather may affect all Zang-organs. Dr Hertzer introduces the phenomenon of resonance and how it explains the special relationship between fear/anxiety, shock, and the heart.

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