Understanding the 7 Po: A Life’s Mystery and its Clinical Meaning

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  • Deep theoretical and classical perspectives of the seven Po explained through Inner Alchemy

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Po-soul pathology 

  • Roots of human desire, motivation and suffering

  • Influence of the Lung and Essence (Jing) on sadness, fear of death and dreams

  • Key acupuncture points to treat mental disorders by revealing the true potential of the Po-souls


Effectively diagnose and treat symptoms including anxiety and depression, obsessive thoughts and nightmares by developing an understanding of Inner Alchemy (neidan 內丹) – a concept that underpins both Chinese medicine and our practice of acupuncture
An understanding of Inner Alchemy enables us to interpret mental disorders in terms of the human soul and the dynamic relationship of the Hun魂 and Po 魄.

Effective diagnosis and treatment protocols will be illustrated with clinical case studies covering:

  • Prenatal, congenital and acquired diseases

  • Allergies, trauma and pain

  • Psychotic disorders

Provider - TCM Academy 

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