The Top Ten Tips For Treating The Shen


One in four people around the world are affected by mental health issues at some time in their life. In TCM we understand this to be a disturbance of the Shen. While western medicine struggles to come to grips with the problem - often resorting to medication, we as acupuncturists have a unique way to bring about fast, effective and long lasting positive changes. However in order to achieve this, the fundamentals of treating the shen must be understood. In this webinar, Angela Hicks - a world expert in five element and TCM, takes you through ten fundamental prinicples of shen disturbance, why your treatment on the spirit may not be working - and "how to sort it out". This webinar will help you get great results with all of your patients.


Goals of the course:

• Understand how the Classics of Chinese Medicine viewed the spirit

• Learn about how blood stagnation affects the shen and what acupuncture treatments you can do

• Know how to clear shock, trauma, obsession and mental distubances using the five element internal and external dragon treatments

• Learn about the spirit points and what acupuncture techniques to use to get the best results (including acupuncture point formulas)

• Understand how your own internal dialogue, qi vitality and lifestyle will influence your patients


Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand

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